Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi, i juz start blogging..
Blog.. is the safest & smartest way for me to express my feeling without hurting anyone..
Especially my beloved boyfriend..
Mohamad Hidir bin Sani..
U are always be in my heart, in my mind.. Forever & for always..
No one can replace your presence.. I need u every single day.. Every single breath that i take, I juz want you to know that i always think of u..
But most of all, Allah will & always be the no 1 special in my heart..
2nd is our beloved Nabi Muhammad SAW..
3rd is the Holy Quran..
4th is my family, your family & our beloved friends & partner..

My beloved baby, i dedicated this blog only for u & for all muslim all around the world..
Not forgetting the non Muslim also.. Except for those who hates ISLAM, ALLAH & MY BELOVED PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW, THE HOLY QURAN.. Sorry, I cant tolerate with u guys..

This blog is created to provide peace & harmony.. The content will always be about +ve mindset.. No negativity is allowed..

To All, welcome to my blog <3

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